02 January 2010

Day Two

***Warning! Today's post is very picture heavy!***
Its day two of my smoothie challenge & things are going well. Today I thought I'd show you step by step how I make my smoothies. Don't worry, not all posts will be this picture heavy : )

I started with my Basic Smoothie Starter with apple. I just cut out the core and chop the apple into dice sized pieces. Before I got my Vita-mix, I usually used pears as they are softer and a little easier on the motor.

I added two bananas. Mmmmm.....bananas.

Then came the spinach. Lots and lots of spinach! This is the good stuff! About two whole salads worth of spinch. Right there. In my blender. People think I'm nuts. I'm ok with that.

Blueberries. I splurged this week and bought some fresh berries. I was getting sick of frozen. Fresh is always best, but this time of year I buy what I can find and rely heavily on frozen fruit. I just make sure there is no added sugar or other ingredients.

Stuff it all in the Vita-mix and let 'er rip!

Keepin' things moving!

Lookin' good. Actually, its looking a little like mud. But I know it will taste good. That's what's important. If you can't handle the look of it you can put it in an opaque cup. I prefer a pretty glass.

More blueberries. Actually, I just couldn't fit them all in before I blended it. What is not pictured is several berries making the plunge and bouncing all over my counters. That's when I decided to add them in two batches.

ICE!! If I'm not using any frozen ingredients I like to add ice. It makes the smoothie nice and cold and gives it a bit of a slushie feel.

(please ignore the blue fingernail. a pen exploded on me yesterday.)
The Meyer Lemon. Its a hybrid between a traditional lemon and a mandarin orange. They are sweeter and a little less tart. I probably should have used them yesterday and then maybe my husband's reaction would have been a little more subdued. But I didn't have enough. Anyway, I just juiced half of this guy into our smoothie. Just to brighten up the flavor a bit.
Put smoothie into a pretty glass and add cheesy garnish. (not pictured: digging out a few lemon seeds after removing said garnish)

I keep my smoothies in a glass pitcher in the refrigerator and they'll keep for about a day or two. If there's any left. We usually finish the whole batch. And sometimes make more. Its an addiction around here. I'm tellin' ya!

Um, honey do you think you could take your eyes off The Bee Movie for just a second or two and look at Mommy? How about looking a little more enthusiastic, too? Could you do that for Mommy? Please?

Hhhmmmmm. I guess he gave me one of my requests.

Thank you, sweetie!


  1. This will be my smoothie tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. IT looks like I may need to drink three of these tomorrow as I am two days behind the rest of you.