18 January 2010

Its a Party Now!!

We now have 100 fans on our facebook page! That's enough for one kickin' party! So lets celebrate! I just happen to have an extra copy of Green Smoothie Revolution sitting here on my desk. I'd like to give it to one of you. Its by Victoria Boutenko of The Raw Family. Mrs. Boutenko is the pioneer of green smoothies. She, her husband & their two children were victims of various "western" diseases and one day she decided she'd had enough. She went home and threw out all of their processed, cooked, junky food and went totally raw. Just like that. In one day. With teenagers. And they never looked back. She's my hero. She's penned several books and they are all fantastic reads. I highly recommend you cruise around on their website for a bit and pick up some of her books the next time you are at your local library. You won't be disappointed.
Ok, now on to the fun stuff. How can this extra copy of Green Smoothie Revolution become yours? Simple, leave a message on this here blog post. Leave me a comment and tell me
  1. How did you find this blog?
  2. Have you tried a green smoothie yet? (its ok to say no, I won't hold it against you) :)

For doing that, you get one entry. If you tell a friend about this giveaway and they visit here and leave a comment (telling me they heard about this from you) you will recieve an extra entry. So, your comment might look something like this:

"Hi, my name is Suzie Smoothie and I stumbled upon your blog one night while cruising around on Facebook. I've tried every smoothie you've posted and you have now become my idol. I have a whole wall of my kitchen dedicated to you. Its like a shrine."

Easy peasy? Got it? Great! Now, let's get this party started!! **Edited to add, this giveaway will stay open until Friday evening. At which time I'll announce the winner. Good Luck!**


  1. I've been stalking you for a while now---that's how I found you. I have a green smoothie almost every day!

  2. found your blog through a friend on facebook who fanned you.

    Most of 2008 was a green smoothie year for me. It was part of many elimination diets I used to figure out my food sensitivities. Saddly, once I found out what was wrong, it made it much harder to consume fruits and veggies that I like, so, i've been pretty much off green smoothies for a year now. I really liked them when I drank them though!

  3. (You know who I am.) I've been eating green smoothies for a few weeks now and loving it. Although I have to say that I may have added a pound or two since I started ...

  4. Hey, my name is Deanna and I found you through Eclipsed a couple of weeks ago. I have had a few green smoothies thanks to you and starting today am making it a daily habit (M-F). I do feel I have more energy when I drink them and I hope they will help me lose some weight.

    Thanks for the inspirations (I still haven't tried the peanut butter one but plan on it soon)

  5. I found your blog through Lera! Coincidentally I just started drinking green smoothies this summer because my mom was pushing them on me. Last year she was diagnosed with diabetes and the green smoothie is one of her ways of trying to regain her health. Go green!!

  6. Congrats on 100 Fans! You know exactly who I am and you also know how many green smoothies I have consumed. I am always willing to try them whenever I am with you. Not sure if I will be able to convince myself to make it a regular habit, but there is always a chance.

  7. I found the blog via fan request on FB - have made 3 smoothies over past week and have really enjoyed them. Plan to continue to incorporate more into our lives. Good work, Jessica!