27 January 2010

Day Twenty seven

Phew, better late than never, eh? At 8:45 tonight I still hadn't had one drop of smoothie. And I could tell. It was just a busy day and I wasn't really hungry for most of it, so I just never got around to making one. But my energy levels were in the dumps. Anyway, I made the smoothie and drank the entire quart at one time. I feel like I could float away.....
  • couple handfuls of red grapes
  • a few frozen pineapple chunks (to get them out of the freezer)
  • a bunch of frozen mixed berries
  • collard greens
  • spinach
  • banana
  • agave
  • water
  • a few basil leaves (wow, a little goes a loooooonngg way)

And there you have it. Enough for one pint for my husband and one quart for me.


  1. The basil really surprised me on this one!

  2. hmmm basil...interesting. i def excited to try this one!!!