30 January 2010

Day Thirty

Oh Green Smoothie, take me AWAY!!!!! Its a rainy, muddy mess here in the Pacific Northwest. Living here for over six years now you'd think I'd be used to it. But sometimes it still takes me by surprise. This morning the dogs were outside wrestling around in the mud, which they always do and I went about my morning and making my green smoothie. I realized I needed some ingredients that were out in the (detached) garage. I opened up the side door and the dogs immediately attacked me. Within 1.7 seconds I was covered in mud. Did I mention I'd already showered? In an attempt to get away from their "affection" I tried to run back into the house. But the dogs are faster than I am. And they ran straight through the door, pushing me to the side. Muddy paw prints are the new decor of my kitchen floor. It took three of us (myself, hubby and oldest son) to get the wet, soppy muddy dogs into their crates and I went about making the green smoothies, heading back out to the garage in peace. I got said smoothies made, and poured and handed out to all of the members of our family. I went to put the leftover smoothie into the fridge and yesterday's smoothie decided it had had enough and wanted to end it all. The (glass) pitcher jumped of the shelf, taking down a brand new bag of spinach with it, and another (glass) pitcher of extra smoothie. So, on top of the muddy paw prints there was now a beautiful swirl of green and deep purple, littered with spinach leaves on top. Oh, and the pitcher smacked into my shin on the way down. Thankfully neither of the pitchers broke and the mess was somewhat contained to right in front of the fridge. Its cleaned up now and I think, after I finish this smoothie in front of me, I may go take another shower. Oh, did I mention we're having company this afternoon? Fun times.

Ok, into the vita-mix:
  • 1 cameo apple, chopped
  • 2 bananas
  • OJ
  • frozen pineapple (ingredient that prompted the canine attack)
  • kale
  • spinach
  • ICE
Its been brought up that Kale has a fairly strong flavor and I was asked how I'm able to mask it in my smoothies. I only use 3-4 leaves per smoothie and lots of spinach. I also like to pair it with fairly strong flavored fruit, such as pineapple & banana. I hope this helps! Keep the questions and comments comin'! I love getting feedback from you guys!

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