23 January 2010

Day Twenty Three

Wow. Yesterday I had a total emotional breakdown. I had super weird cravings all day and I just felt 'off'. Its not hormonal, so I turned to look at my nutrition. Yesterday's smoothie was very good, but it was very heavy and not as raw as I normally like (especially since I didn't soak the walnuts). Thursday night for dinner I had made myself some Morning Star Broccoli Cheddar Bites. They were good, but now I'm wondering what kind of preservatives may have been used and if I was having a reaction to some weird ingredient. I haven't had much processed food lately. Either way, I knew this morning I needed a raw, wholesome nutrient packed smoothie. So, into my vita-mix:
  • Basic Smoothie Starter with pear
  • one over ripe banana
  • about two cups of frozen pineapple chuncks
  • three handfuls of spinach
  • one handful of collard greens
  • a splash of OJ (not raw, but I was out of oranges)
  • ICE

Its very yummy and I expect will help kick out whatever toxins took hold of my brain yesterday. Now what to do with that pan of brownies I made.............

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