02 January 2011

End of Year Wrap Up

Gosh...it's been so long. Is anyone even still out there?

So, this blog didn't exactly take off the way I had imagined it would, but I hesitate to call this little adventure a failure. So many amazing things have happened since that first blog post over a year ago.

It's true, I got a little burnt out on the daily blogging and trying to come up with new smoothie recipes; I even missed several days this year in my smoothie challenge, but this blog and the green smoothies led me in places that I never dreamed imaginable. I started taking an active interest in my health and nutrition ~ two things I'd never given a thought to in my life.

I joined a gym, I started a weightloss journey and I started running. I love my green smoothies and they've helped me remake the connection between what I eat and how I feel. They've helped me start to heal my food addiction. I have a long road ahead of me, but I'm going to get there and it all started with a green smoothie.

Oh, and they've brought my blood pressure down to 92/70 BooYa!!! Happy 2011 everyone! My plan is to leave this blog here for the archives and to hopefully continue to inspire others to give green smoothies a shot. I may come back and update it periodically, but most of my posts will be over here. Please join me, if you haven't already.