25 December 2009

The Beginning

About two months ago, after posting a facebook status about the kids being sick for the 578th time this year, a friend introduced me to The Green Smoothie Girl. Well, not her pesonally, but to her website. That night I stayed up nearly all night (always a good idea when your house is infested with germs, I might add) reading what this woman had to say. I stayed up the next night (because I didn't suppress my immune system enough the first night) watching all of her videos. It didn't take long before I decided green smoothies were something that I had to try. And after just one day I knew I was hooked. I noticed an immediate difference in my energy levels. Being the mother of two small boys, I thought "energy" was something of the past. I now actually have enough energy to clean my house (that doesn't mean I actually do it, though) and to keep up with my kids on the Wii Fit Plus (but they still kick my butt on that obstacle course). I knew my husband was hooked when he offered to buy me a $400 blender for my birthday and while my kids aren't exactly addicted to the smoothies, they do drink them (we won't talk about the bribes I've offerred them.) I started doing some more research and I’m learning new things about raw food nutrition everyday and I’m making small, subtle changes to the way I eat and the way I feed my family. Don't get me wrong, I’m not perfect. In fact, as I type this I’m sitting here with my hand in a bag of potato chips, but I am trying to incorporate smoothies into our daily diet. The simple truth is, I've eaten a Standard American Diet (SAD) my entire life and having just turned 35 I can tell that its starting to catch up with me. I'm not looking at this as a "weightloss diet". I've given up on those a long time ago! I simply want to start eating healthier and instilling healthy habits in my children.
And so I vow to eat one quart of smoothie everyday during 2010, and to tell you all about it (yay you!). This blog will be the journal of my smoothie adventure; it will keep me focused and accountable. 365 smoothies. They will be a lot raw, mostly green and all wholesome & healthy. Feel free to join along!


  1. I am interested in watching your journey! I can't imagine how a smoothy can give you more energy but then again it is basically eating raw so it makes sense. Good Luck! :)

  2. my question is, what else are you eating in a day? are you just doing smoothies? are you using them for meal replacement? or are they for inbetween meal snacks?