15 January 2010

Day Fifteen

Orange Julius anyone? Today's smoothie reminds me of the siren call of those yummy, creamcicle like "smoothies" at the mall. My son plays in a chess club that meets at the food court of our local mall every Monday evening. And they sit at tables between the Orange Julius and a candy store. Its like they are trying to torture me. I usually take a smoothie with me and just sip on it while reading a book or hanging out with the other chess club moms. We're a wild bunch. Don't let the pocket protector's fool you ; )
Ok, into the vita-mix:
  • 1 1/2 cups of Rice Milk
  • a tsp (ish) vanilla extract
  • one banana
  • two clementine oranges (peeled)
  • couple handfuls of spinach
  • ICE

Lots and Lots of ice. Why? Because I wanted it to be thick and milkshake like. To hide the pulp from the oranges. I'm a wimp. I do not do pulp. You may notice over the next few days that my smoothies are getting smaller. I am not finking out on my quart a day challenge, but my husband is a commerical airline pilot so when he's working, I do not make as big of a smoothie. To be honest, today's was much bigger than I intended. It'll be a snack later. And it may be dinner. And possibly breakfast tomorrow. Would you like some of my smoothie?

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