15 March 2010

Monday Musings

*cough cough* Well, there are three people sick in my house again and this time I'm one of them. We have what my son's pediatrician described as a "viral version of bronchitis". I'm glad its viral as we've had so many courses of antibiotics in our home lately. A little too much phramaceutical therapy for my liking.

So, I'm going to stick to the green smoothie cleanse as much as I can, but I also have to respect my body and listen to what its calling for. Right now all my throat wants is herbal tea and chicken broth. I make my own broth, so neither of those options are overly processed and I'm comfortable allowing them in my cleanse. I'm just not sure how much smoothie I'll actually get in today. It simply doesn't sound good on my throat. But I'll at least get my committed quart in.

I'll keep you updated throughout the day. Thanks for playing along! Let me know how you guys are doing! I'll start a discussion on the FB page.


  1. I'm doing the cleanse. It's going...okay. I'm not a big fan of cleanses. LOL. Actually, I'm not feeling very well today. I have an upset tummy and am operating on two hours of sleep. I've had a lot of smoothie today (which is making the tummy really gurgle), lots of water and some nuts. I think I'm having toast for dinner...not a cleanse all the way, but good enough for me.

  2. So far, so good! I actually started on Sunday. Thought it would be easier for me to begin on a non-work day...that way I have time to work out the kinks. Today's concoction wasn't very good so I had to chase it with water all day :( Tomorrow I'm going to try a smoothie with sweeter fruit like maybe pineapple to mask to taste of the greens. I need to become more creative with my combinations...I keep rotating the same ingredients.