23 March 2010

Day Eighty Two

I'm still playing catch up from having my entire family sick for two months and once again I've run out of spinach. WTH?? How does this keep happening?!?! But never fear my trusty green friends, I had picked up a bag of collard greens the other day! I've never before had a smoothie with just collard greens, but I thought "what the hey"! I was either that or haul my behind to the store. And if you could see how I'm dressed right now you would totally understand the choice I made. So.....
  • 2 bananas
  • a whole bunch of fresh strawberries
  • a whole bunch of collard greens
  • a whole bunch of frozen pineapple
  • water

Don't you love my precise measurements? I cook the same way. It drives my husband crazy because I can never recreate the same recipe. He thinks I do it just to annoy him. He might be right. Oh, and when I opened the fridge to put the smoothie inside, to what should my wandering eyes should appear? The rest of yesterday's smoothie. Totally forgot I had any left. DOH!

1 comment:

  1. so, did you find a big difference in taste with the collards? I don't really taste a difference in what greens I use except for mustard...