02 March 2010

Day Sixty One

Today was HELL. Well, it started out ok, it was just busy. And that's ok, I can handle busy. It wasn't a planned busy so that threw me off a bit. Then we threw in a dr's appt for my oldest (he hasn't had a smoothie in weeks) at 5:15 pm so that really threw me off. Then the strep test came back positive and we waiting for 90 MINUTES at the pharmacy. That make me cranky. When we got home, we found the dog had some how gotten out of his crate (I might have, maybe, sort of, been in a hurry and didn't latch both latches when we left...) and remember those girl scout cookies I mentioned yesterday? Well, I don't have to worry about them tempting me anymore. The damn dog ate them all. One box was saved, because he knocked it under the table. Damn dog.

Anyway, I had lots of smoothie left from yesterday so that's what I'm drinking now. Tomorrow will be a better day. It has to be, right? RIGHT?

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