21 March 2010

Its an honor....

The amazingly talented Allie of No Time For Flashcards fame is not only a blogger that I follow religiously, but a real life friend as well. We actually "met" online through our blogs and then through some of her pictures (newspapers, grocery bags, etc..) we realized we live in the same small town and we're now part of the same Moms group. What's funny is I run into her at the grocery store at least once a month, usually more! And its almost always in the produce section. She's been sneaking spinach into her little guy's smoothies since long before I came around, and I'm completely honored to be her Sunday Spotlight this week. Thank you, Allie.

Mr. Smoothie took the boys out today for breakfast and a guy's day. So I have an entire Sunday to the house by myself. I'm planning to use my time wisely and get a jump start on my Spring Cleaning since my grand plans for this week fell victim to a head full of snot. I'll start the day with the remainder of yesterday's smoothie, but I'll be back this afternoon to post a new one. I have an out of this world idea, but I need to head to the grocery store first. Maybe I'll run into Allie. : )

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