08 March 2010

Monday Musings ~ Detox

Ok, I've decided to go ahead with this green smoothie detox. I've gotten a lot of feedback from you guys asking about the rules of the detox, people letting me know they may not be able to last all three days, etc.

One thing I have realized during my journey toward a more healthy life is that the only rule when it comes to nourishing our bodies is that we listen to them. We feed them what they need. We ignore our brains and their constant requests for what they want. This green smoothie detox has no rules. We will each set up our own guidelines. No one is here to judge. Make this what you need it to be. The rest of us will do the same.

Let's plan to start on Monday, March 15. That will give us all time to prepare and to stock up on lots of greens and other fresh, exciting ingredients. Some people have mentioned that they get hungry while only drinking smoothies. I've often found that I'm not exactly hungry, but I do wish for something to chew on. I will allow myself some raw carrot sticks or apple slices if I encounter this. If its something I'd throw into my smoothie, I consider it acceptable to eat for a quick "chew fix" :-)

So, my personal guidelines will be:
  • I will continue with my daily milkshake (raw milk, raw egg yolk, raw agave, cacao powder)
  • I will have green smoothies the rest of the day
  • Each evening, I will do a cup of juice with a daily cleanse & detox powder that I got from this shop. (my husband's aunt & uncle). This particular product does not seem to be available any more. I will call them to see if they still have any if anyone is interested
  • I will do this for three days.

Let's have fun with this! I will start some discussions on our facebook page so we can muse about how we're feeling, what our bodies are telling us and what kinds of smoothies we're making.

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