30 March 2010

Day Eighty Nine

Oh. My. Gawd. I've sent my mom back home, I've sent my husband packing (just temporarily) and the boys and I are all healthy. Phew! Its good to be back! I didn't get to my smoothie today until after dinner. And it shows. Do not, under any circumstances, go to the grocery store while you are hungry and utterly toxic from a weekend od'ing on birthday cake when you HAVEN'T HAD YOUR SMOOTHIE YET! I'm just sayin'. It sounds like it might not go well.
  • 2 c OJ
  • 3 enormous handfuls of spinach (gotta detox that birthday cake)
  • some leftover mixed berries that were sitting in the fridge (about a cup or so)
  • frozen mango

This is delish! I poured myself a cup and my youngest drank it all. I poured myself another cup and my oldest drank that one. I had to pry it out of their sticky little fingers just to get a sip. But I let them have it. Goodness knows I'd never actually prevent them from voluntarily drinking a smoothie!!!

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