12 February 2010

Day Forty Three

Wow, I'm actually posting a smoothie on the day that I actually drank it! Ssshh, don't tell blogger or it might freeze up on me again! Both of my boys have strep throat and have had little to no appetites. I wanted to make a smoothie that would feel good on their sore throats and sustain them a little bit. Oh, and one that I knew they'd eat. So, no greens today, but still lots of yummy raw goodness.
  • 2 c of whole, raw milk
  • a squirt of agave
  • 3 big handfuls of frozen whole strawberries
  • splash of vanilla extract

It tasted like a strawberry milkshake and they both slurped it down happily. The raw milk is something fairly new to my family. I will elaborate a bit more soon. But I wanted something with some fat and protein to keep my kids strong to fight off these nasty bugs.

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