25 February 2010

Day Fifty Six

Have you ever gone out to dinner with your family? And then found yourself at a pizza joint? Have you then proceeded to "create your own pizza" with roasted garlic sauce, grilled chicken, bacon, articoke hearts and whole milk mozzarella? Did you then eat two pieces (in addition to the two breadsticks you've already eaten) and then officially declare yourself uncomfortably full? On the way home, did you notice that pizza (and breadsticks) sitting in your stomach like a rock? Have you ever done that? Yea, me neither.

BUT, if I HAD ever done that, I would have made a smoothie as soon as I got home. And within half an hour of drinking that smoothie I probably would've noticed that rock in my stomach getting lighter. I'd probably realize that by the time I went to bed, my stomach felt almost normal, minus the churning and "bubbles" being produced as the smoothie was trying to digest that pizza for me.

Of course I'm just guessing with this, because as I stated above, its never happened to me. And it certainly, most definitely did NOT happen last night. Nope. Na uh. Didn't happen. But, if it DID, this is the smoothie I would have made (and I would have made extra so I could drink the rest the next day). Yep, this is how it would have played out. I'm certain of it ; )
  • 2 c water
  • 3 big handfuls spinach
  • 2 fresh pineapple spears
  • 2 big handfuls frozen strawberries

And if I had made this, I'm sure it would have tasted fabulous. A little greener than normal, but fabulous ; )

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  1. Love your site!

    I'm curious - when you take your smoothies "on the go" - how do you do it??