13 April 2010

Impromptu 24 Hour Cleanse

Hello fellow green smoothie-ers! Today my husband and I were trying to plan out a menu for the week and out of nowhere my husband says "so tell me about a green smoothie cleanse. I might want to do one." I explained that basically, you, um, drink green smoothies all day. I mean, really, there isn't much more to it than that, is there? He asked if he could drink as many as he wanted ~ yes, of course. He asked what it would do to him ~ cleanse, you sweetie. ; )

So anyway, he wasn't too sure about a full three days, so we decided to do a 24 hour cleanse together. I went to make this morning's smoothie and realized we were super low on spinach and had no bananas. Headin' to the store just as soon as he gets back from his run!

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