11 April 2010

He's learning.....

This is Ben. He's my oldest child and he just turned 7 a few weeks ago. He's a very focused, very determined little monkey. He's not one to let his emotions show very freely, but when he does love someone, he loves them fiercely. He likes his routines, he likes to know what to expect and while some surprises really light up his eyes, he doesn't like anyone screwing with his food. That includes mom. Changing our family from the Standard American Diet over to a more raw, wholefoods diet hasn't been the smoothest of changes for anyone, but I was really expecting a fight from Ben. Maybe its because he's older and understands more, or maybe its because I've explained to him every step of the way what changes we are making, and why. He's been such a trooper. He's tried most things with an open mind and I do still allow his favorite processed foods, just not as much of them. We're going slow.
So, yesterday when we went to VegFest, I was so proud of him. He tried an olive. He tried vegetarian curry. And he tried wheat grass juice. Those are three things even I wasn't willing to try. He didn't like any of them, but he tried them. I was so proud of him.

These Quaker Chewy Bars are one of his favorite snacks. While they are now made without High Fructose Corn Syrup, they are still a mess of overly processed, high sugar crap. I never bought them often, but now even allowing one box in the house really sends my Mommy guilt button into overdrive. But as I stated above, I haven't taken everything away from him yet. We're doing baby steps.
So, yesterday, while at VegFest we saw a table from Cascadian Farm and they had their Chewy Chocolate Chip bar available as free samples. I grabbed two and threw them in my bag. This morning as I was emptying out my bag and sorting through the mountain of samples, coupons & brochures that followed us home. Ben asked if he could try this bar. I told him of course. He opened it up and took a few bites. He told me it was "OK". Then he said something that made me freeze in my tracks and made my heart swell. He said, "Mommy, I think I like the Walmart ones (Quaker) better because I'm just so used to processed foods. I think once I'm not used to those anymore I'll think these organic bars are awesome." I admit, I had a moment. I nearly cried.
Its been over four months since I started this smoothie challenge and about six months since I've really been making serious changes for my family. Its finally sinking in. He's getting it. He understands. And he wants to be healthy. I love my boy. I love him enough to buy the more expensive organic bars, I love him enough to make him a nutritious, love filled smoothie everyday and I love him enough to make these same changes in myself so I can watch my boy grow into a healthy, fun loving adult.
By the way, after he finished that first bar, he was still hungry and asked if he could have the second one "because it was so yummy" even though it was technically for his brother. I told him sure. I know these bars are still processed and they aren't exactly "health food" but for a quick and portable snack, I'll take it!


  1. Way to go, Ben! That's fantastic!

    And don't fear wheat grass juice. I put it in our smoothies each day and the fruit hides the taste of it. Heck, I don't even like spinach, but it's one of the many greens I use in rotation in our smoothies.

  2. I actually tried one version of wheat grass juice with powdered berries and other fruits in it. It was actually really good and I plan to pick some up. But my boy drank wheat grass straight up. You should have seen the look on his face!!!