08 August 2010

Burn Out

It's the beginning of August and I've been in this challenge for 220 days. To be completely honest I had been feeling a little burnt out on green smoothies. I have missed a few days here and there, but I am absolutely as committed to my health as I've ever been in my life.

At the beginning of the year I had some serious delusions that by simply adding green smoothies to my day would somehow make me the picture of health. I didn't talk about it much but I really thought these smoothies would be the magic pill diet that I had completely sworn off in the past.

It's only been in the last few weeks that I've decided that a smoothie isn't a magic pill. I've also realized that I didn't need a magic pill, I needed an attitude adjustment. I don't know what sparked it, I don't know why it happened NOW ~ but I have to say that suddenly feeling like crap (I was feeling better with the smoothies, but still not GREAT) was no longer acceptable.

I had been mentioning around here (and on Facebook) other little changes I'd been making in my diet, but everything I wanted to say about my health, my diet, my weight & my exercise just didn't seem to fit here. This is a smoothie blog.

So, I went off and started another blog (is it possible to be addicted to blogging? LOL!) I will still be around and still blog here (although my FB is much more active than this blog), but I felt I needed somewhere else to get into all of the nitty gritty about totally and completely reclaiming my health. I hadn't mentioned it at first because I really wasn't sure I wanted to go 'public' with it just yet. I'm still not sure I want to, accountability? Nah, I'm accountable to myself and my family. Cheerleaders? Sure, they're nice but I'm doing this for me. So why am I going public now? I'm not sure. I just felt it was time.

Come visit and say hi at Healthy for 100.


  1. Well, I will gladly follow you over there as well. Good Luck on your new journey!

  2. I burned out on my smoothies too. It certainly wasn't my magic bullet either. I'm also secretly drooling over some chicken too. I am the the one who went anti-dairy and it was his idea to completely do away with all meat. Frankly I don't have so much of an issue with the meat as I do with the way the meat is raised. If I had some 100% organic free range hormone free chicken I would gladly eat it but I think Hubby would take issue with it. oh what sticky situations we can get ourselves into.

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  4. I completely understand burning out on smoothies - how do you prevent from cheating and eating everything you shouldn't !?!

  5. WOW, this is great! I have been doing smoothies for a while too, and have found some great recipes from a facebook page called: Smoothie Love - check out their recipes you'll love them!

  6. I've always loved smoothies. If I could open up a smoothie shop I would have so much fun. However, I would probably drink all the smoothies I made there, so maybe it isn't the best idea.

    Jim Tracy | http://www.cheyennerubyjuice.com

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